School Shootings: An Economic Problem

Reblogging a past post in in response to the most recent school shooting in Seattle

The Story of the Four

Columbine: 13 killed, 20 + wounded

School Shootings and Stabbings: 1996-2006 School Shootings and Stabbings: 1996-2006

Santee, CA: 2 killed, 13 wounded

Virginia Tech: 32 + killed

N. Illinois U: 5 killed, 18 wounded

Sandy Hook Elementary: 28 killed

Santa Barbara: 6 killed, 13 wounded

And now, Seattle.

This, of course, is the short list of a wave of horrific events dating back to the 1760s and if Joe the Plumber can weigh in on school shootings, then so can I.

Richard Martinez, father of Christopher Michaels-Martinez, 20, killed in a recent wave of school shootings, says this:

father“I don’t care about your sympathy. I don’t give a s— that you feel sorry for me,” Richard Martinez said during an extensive interview, his face flushed as tears rolled down. “Get to work and do something. I’ll tell the president the same thing if he calls me. Getting a call from a politician doesn’t impress me”…

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