This Guy Fox

Here is this past weekend’s prompt from The Angry Hourglass and the piece I wrote;

photo courtesy Ashwin Rao

We don’t have prophets in our day and age. No, not in our “advanced” modern society. But we do have people like this guy, Fox who, like Isaiah of Jerusalem, walks around in his get-up, with his staff, proclaiming.

Now this guy Fox is not a prophet per se, for he does not go around judging people for their lack of moral conduct and warning them of God’s impending punishment if we don’t fix our ways.  Why does he not do so you ask? Well that’s because we don’t have a covenant, even though our American forefathers thought of this country as the new Promised Land.

You see, this guy Fox is an anti-prophet. What do I mean by that you ask? This guy Fox is, say, an inverted mirror. Let me explain: the prophets warned the ancient Israelites that if they continued to break the covenant God would punish them. So, for example, Isaiah told the people of Jerusalem to stop drinking excessively. He told people to stop taking others’ land, effectively making them homeless. He chastised the Israelite government for its heavy taxes, its injustices, its corruption, and its taking advantage of the poor.

So this guy Fox wanders around (you’ll typically see him in D.C. though you shouldn’t be surprised to see him in NYC) telling people what they should do. And what they should keep doing.

So for example, he’ll stand on the corner nearby a coffee shop and he’ll suggest friends sit aside one another and whip out their cell phones. “Keep at it!” he’ll say. “Keep text text texting away in silence!”

He’ll encourage people outside strip malls and shopping centers to “buy buy buy” all that stuff they “need need need.”

“Keep speeding past the homeless! They are not your problem!”

“Keep marching with downcast eyes!” (You’ll hear him say that a lot in New York.) “And remember! Don’t smile!”

“America the beautiful” he reminds us all. “Where the sun shines eternally and casts not a shadow.”

Let us revel in our injustices. Let us continue to take advantage of the poor and look the other way. Why? Because America is God’s Kingdom.

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