Happy Columbus Day

The following is a piece of flash based on the photo prompt from The Angry Hourglass.


The loons, they made for such a soft pillow on the limitless blue waters and they called, as only loons can, for all the other animals to come see, come see the one who fell from the sky.

First the turtle, then the others in the water came to see her and decided it best she live on land. But there was no land, not yet and it was turtle who suggested they dive down to the bottom and return with them some earth.

First went beaver, then muskrat. Others too sought out the earth, but stayed down too long and died. Those who returned from the depths turtle looked inside their mouths, disappointed.

Toad then went and though gone so long that the others stirred with fear, he did return, belly up and exhausted.

Turtle peeked inside toad’s mouth and smiled.

The woman took the earth, and grateful for the turtle, put what little earth toad found and spread it on his shell.

That was the beginning.

The woman had two boys different as night and day. There was the good son. There was the bad son. One was born as all children are born. The other tore through his mother’s side. Their mother, the one who fell from the hole in the sky, died.

And when she died she was buried and all the plants that are needed for life sprouted from the ground under which her body lay.

The corn came from her chest. Beans from her legs. And the pumpkin from her head.

The woman from above the sky is our mother and she loved her sons, the good and the bad.

The woman who fell from the sky is the corn. She is the bean. She is the pumpkin. She is the seeds and the fruit. She is ability to create out of that which has been created. She is this land.

Then others came to this land and took. They cut into her. They gutter her, hollowed her out.  They carved her and still they make scary faces.

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