Flash! Friday Vol 2 – 43: WINNERS!

Flash! Friday

Howdy, folks! ‘Twas another rip-roaring storyfest here at the ol’ Flash! Friday ranch, and I’m guessing more than a passel of y’all are plum tuckered out. (Yeah. Um. You think that’s bad, you should hear me try accents in real life.) What a MAGNIFICENT commenting turnout–thanks to everyone for pouring yourselves so beautifully into each other. You just wait. A hundred years from now they’ll be looking back at this time going, How on earth did writers then know how to write so well? And won’t we be all mysterious and things? Like Shakespeare. And her brother. 😀         


Judge Margaret Lockestrong of heart and judging constitution, says:  You know, this judging gig ain’t half bad. Sure, I’m reading an immense number of stories in a very short period of time (and worrying what people will think of my choices)…

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2 thoughts on “Flash! Friday Vol 2 – 43: WINNERS!

    1. Thanks Avalina and yes, I know. I reblogged that post and since it was originally in black and my blog’s post backgrounds are black, that’s what happens. Don’t know how to change it.


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