My latest piece of flash fiction from Flash!Friday based on the photo prompt. The story had to include reference to a politician. I won best story for this one 🙂

Here’s what the judge said: . Love. This. From the opening reference to Stephen King, to “The Godfather,” to the plaintive whining about 1,000 versus 160 words, this had me laughing and appreciating the wry humor the whole way through. The cheekiness, the clever references mentioned and then repealed, the conceit of referencing the contest itself, and the hilariously snarky last line’s way of incorporating the required word prompt make this a wonderful piece of flash humor. And yes, I had to look up “honorificabilitudinitatibus.” – it means “the state of being able to achieve honours.” Well, Mr. Bertetta, you certainly may call yourself that now. Well done!

Local fisherman, Yugoslavia. CC photo by GothPhil.


Stephen King says writers need a toolbox. All I have is a goddamn tacklebox and as much as I’d like to reel a reader in with a lure of a title like “Hoffa,” and hook them with some memorable prose, the tacklebox’s from Wal-mart and ain’t worth the five bucks I paid for it.

All I want is to call myself honorificabilitudinitatibus. There’s a story in there right?

I haven’t read the other stories yet and I wonder if anyone will reference “The Godfather.” I won’t. Oops. I just did. And damn it, my delete button’s broken. Believe me, there’s a story in that too. A whopper of a story.

Oh, and I bought my bait at Walmart too. The worms are already dead and all I can catch is this damn cold. (That’s a true story.)

How come if a picture’s worth 1,000 words all I can write is 160?

Why waste your time?

Oh yeah, here’s the politician.

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