Round 36: Winners

The Angry Hourglass

Wow you guys. Many of you know I was out of town with very limited internet access this weekend, and when I got home and saw how many comments had accumulated during my absence, I was certain I’d be deleting spam for an hour. I was shocked and delighted to see that there was not a single spam message in the bunch, only lots and lots of entries and comments from the flash community. And they just kept coming!

I often hear people speak of the writer’s life as being lonely and filled with nothing but disappointment and rejection. I’ll admit, sometimes it feels that way, but next time I slip into that defeatist attitude, I’ll revisit  this site and remind myself that I’m not really alone. That there is a whole community of great people rooting for each other to succeed. You guys rock.

Okay, enough from me. You guys…

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