Number One

This is my latest piece of flash based on the photo prompt. Tried to have a little bit of fun with this one.



My brow beaded with sweat and I regretted drinking half the daily recommended amount of water as I sat waiting for Dr. Al-Kimiya’s office hours. My leg shook and I tried to hold on.

He said he was working on a solution when I entered.

I had wanted to talk to him about my grade, but he just sat there, pouring his water from one beaker to the next.

I was okay when I sat down, but he just kept pouring.

I asked him what he was doing and he grumbled, “I told you, I’m working on a solution.”

A solution for what I asked.

The solution” was his answer.

Now it should be said that Dr. Al-Kimiya, while one hell of a chemistry professor, could be quite strange. Watching the water swash, my leg began to shake.

He began to talk. I figured he’d explain “the solution,” but instead dove into one of his ramblings.

“If the moon,” he said, “then the blackness will kill the king. Maybe I need to slay the king.” He grumbled something like discontent, then smiled that thin kind of smile you smile when you realize something. “Of course, if the devouring should proceed it might just kill the dragon.”

“That would be ideal,” I tried to joke.

“Are you kidding me!?”

“Sorry Dr. Al-Kimiya.”

He set his two beakers down. He inclined his head and looked at me past his thick rims. I was probably a blur to him, but there was something very clear in his eyes. At that time I was holding on for dear life, trying my best to breathe long and slow.

“Who are you!?” He did not hide his accusation.

“It’s me, Doctor, Albert.”

That’s when his eyes went bat-shit crazy. “Albertus Magnus? Albertus the Great?”

“No sir, Albert from Chemistry 101.”

“You are the king! You are what I need! You are the solution!” He stood and took from his desk a small scalpel. “You! You are the king I need to slay!” He leapt toward me across his desk.

I ran, ran out the door and finally, at long long last, I finally got to pee.



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