Aperture (FlashFiction 2nd Runner Up)

Here’s my latest piece of flash based on FlashFriday’s prompt:



Life is a darkroom.

They say life is not a black and white thing, that we can’t divide things and frame them is such neat and tidy ways. I thought they were right and in believing them I could capture some semblance of life. I thought I could develop my life into something worthwhile, maybe even contribute something to someone.

But now in my hotel room, exposed to the war torn streets, peering out my window toward a history no one will ever know, past a history that in time none will remember, I wonder, were they right?

Life is black and white.

Isn’t it?

I asked her a simple yes or no question. She said no.

Those outside don’t ask “maybe” or “I’ll think about it” questions.

They ask you yes or no questions.

If you say yes, you’ll live.

If you say no, you’ll die.

The guns fire bullets as fast as my camera shoots frames per second.


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