Life in the Big City

The Story of the Four

Strange sometimes are the things that can change one’s world. The little things, the things you might never consider beyond a simple passing eyeshot. But that’s what happened when Erosoi and Uathach watched the glassblowers. They’d paused at the blacksmith’s, hurried past the stench from the leatherworkers, rambled past the stone cutters and wood workers. But he’d stopped at the glassblowers.

It all started when he saw an apprentice blow a simple glass cup and his master elongate, twist, and turn his own shapeless piece. Then he’d walked into the shop where they sold their goods. That’s when everything changed. Dogs curled in sleep and standing at point did they capture in glass. Cats with arched backs. Deer in full sprint. Bears, wolves, birds of every kind. Clear. Colored. Colored with brilliants swirls and gemmy with the tiniest flecks of precious stone.

Strange be the things that can change one’s…

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