99 Names of Allah: 51-53

The Story of the Four

In today’s discussion of the 99 Names of Allah I will explore topics of truth, trust, and strength.


haqq-CaligraphyaIn 922, Mansur al-Hallaj was put to death for declaring “Anal Haqq” (“I am the Truth”) while in an ecstatic state. The usage of Haqq, the 51st of the Divine Names, was deemed heretical and for it al-Hallaj was put to death.

Haqq is truth itself, the “one and only reality” (Meyer et al. 58). More particularly, Haqq is God as God actually is and “not in the form the mind tries to conceive or imagine it” (58).

Haqhaqa, a verb stemming from the root, means “to journey into the heart of the night” and “to exert oneself to the utmost degree” (ibid.). Another meaning derived from the root “refers to when the sun begins to rise and its light makes everything visible” (ibid.). A third related word stemming from the root is

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