On the Couch

Here’s the Angry Hourglass’s most recent prompt followed by the little piece I wrote

photo courtesy of Ashwin Rao

“Well, what do you think it means?”

“I don’t know, women, I guess. Necklaces.”


“You know, necklaces.”

“Ahhh, I see.”

“My husband, he likes the…the…”


She sighed.

“How do you feel when he says that?”


“Well that’s a start. What do you know about them?”

Know about them? I don’t know. Nothing that everybody else doesn’t already know.”


“They’re hard, hard to get open.”

“When your husband talks to you the way he does, how do you react?”

“I shut down.” She paused, looked at him and answered the question in his eyes. “I close up, harden.”

“Good. Do you like feeling that way?”

“No. I just want to be open, remain open.”


“That’s when I feel most alive.”

“And in your dream, when you were served, how did you feel? What was your first reaction?”

“I remember thinking something was missing.”

“Like something that should have been there wasn’t there?”

“Yes. And the whole thing, just didn’t feel right. I remember looking at everyone there, smiling, slurping, reveling in ecstasy. They disgusted me.”

“That’s a pretty strong reaction. Why did they disgust you?”

“Because they just didn’t get it. They didn’t know everything was…was…”



“And you ran?”

“Ran, out the door, into the night, the moon big and bright. It was drizzling and the drops on the ground glittered. That’s when I woke.” Her shoulders slumped and her eyes teared. She sniffled.

“Why are you crying? You’ve never cried here.”

“It’s just—” She sniffled. “I remember, just before I woke, a feeling…I can’t really describe it. It was so beautiful it shocked me, shocked me right out of bed.”

“And you liked that feeling?”

She nodded. “I felt open. I felt there was something inside me being born.”

“You found what you were looking for.”

She nodded as she wiped her eyes.

“And what was that?”

“A secret? Beauty? The ability to speak, express myself.”

“There you go.”


“What did you just say? Your last word?”


“Well, our hour is up, but I think we’ve made a major breakthrough Pearl.”

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