Brothers in Arms

My latest piece of flash fiction based on this photo prompt (the story had to include war) from Flash!Friday.


We run because we ran. We had to. Not because of what we looked like, but what we thought.

Time drips slow now and sometimes water is heavy. Running brings rain to the land the clouds forget.

This is land where the son of Eve committed the first murder. This land calls for blood and we shed blood. We have always shed blood in the land where brother killed brother. It seeps into the ground, feeds our trees, and fills our wells. Like water the blood spilled on the ground evaporates and condenses. The first storms were of swords and it rained arrows. Today it rains bullets and missiles and bombs.

We do not run to forget. We do not run from the past, for when you are born in war, live in war, and die in war, you can never, even when the storm subsides, escape.

Here’s what people said:

“Breathtaking, the epic sweep and poetry. Amazing work.”–Voimaoy

“Wow. This is beautiful! Such amazing writing. Great job!”–Hannah Health

“Wow Josh. Easily my favorite of the work you’ve done. Having said that, I seem to be saying that each week 🙂 Just shows how much you’re continually developing your Flash Fiction. Simply brilliant. In with a chance, hopefully.”–Mark A. King

“This land calls for blood and we shed blood.” Fantastic. Lovely writing.”–John Tate

Simply beautiful. Powerful language and imagery.–Sarahcain78

Lovely descriptive writing.–Avalina Kreska

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