Who are the gods anyway?

The Story of the Four

While a student a Pacifica Graduate Institute, earning my doctorate in Mythological Studies, I naturally learned a variety of ways of defining the gods. Such definitions primarily stemmed from the tradition of depth psychology–namely Jungian schools of thought and discussions of archetypes. Containing specified psychological jargon, I found those definitions of gods in relation to archetypes and archetypal images, as virtually useless outside such circles.

Recently I published a post entitled “Homo Mythicus” where I discussed the idea of myth as story and how our lives are mythical.

Such was a preamble of sorts, to this post. For when we are talking about myths as stories, and stories contain characters, we find the gods as the central characters of those stories.  As such, the current piece is a sequel to the former and will, in the future, be followed by posts dedicated to specific gods.

So who are the gods anyway?

Of the…

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