In the Beginning

Here’s a piece of flash fiction I wrote based on the following prompt: 

photo courtesy TheShakes72


People call me a liar. Some say it’s compulsive. To exacerbate the issue, the story I am about to tell you defies all reason. Trouble is, I have an eidetic memory and what I am about tell you is the truth.

I promise.

It all begin with an easy hike in the fall. It was in Olympic National Park, Washington. Lots of trees and mosses and ferns. Real green and wet. While in the forest, I like to go off trail, to find places where I can begin to imagine I am the only human being to have ever set foot.

Well let me tell you, that day I went to a place I know no one has ever set foot.

See, I found this shell. A gigantic shell. Like some alien nautilus shell. Trust me when I tell you it was big. So big in fact, I could stick my head inside. I heard the proverbial ocean and decided I’d like to go for a swim and I, being double-jointed and a contortionist, could fit my entire body inside. So I did.

As you might expect, it was quite tight. If you’d seen it, you’d probably laugh at my feet dangling outside the shell’s mouth, kicking and flailing. But I made it, all the way inside.

Then the unbelievable part happened. It was dark. Dark as space. And it was tight, as I said, but I was comfortable. So comfortable in fact, the space around me seemed to expand. I closed my eyes and breathed long and slow and deep.

Then I fell through that space, that space in the shell, the space that spiraled and I spiraled as I fell. And fall I did. And some more until finally, I splashed into that ocean, that ocean in the middle of darkness. I had the feeling the water was fathomless. I was at peace.

Remember, I have an eidetic memory and what I am about to tell you is the truth. I promise.

There was a wind, a breath, then a voice.

The voice said “Let there be light” and then there was light.

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