Amer-I-can Upanishad: A social commentary

The Story of the Four


Become flexible. Reduce stress. Lose weight. Better health. Get exercise. Meditate. Center yourself. It’s trendy.

My Introduction to World Religion class’s response to why Americans practice yoga. Sorry to say, I expected as much and before writing this post, scanned various yoga studio websites in the city of my current residence. I paraphrase what a few of them said in regards to the benefits of yoga:

You can better your life and make a difference.

Build your strength and flexibility.

Be more open, and vital.

Physical and emotional benefits.

Increase your focus and stamina.

Increase energy, find balance, be free from stress.

Pretty standard stuff and, I am sure, fairly representative of other yoga studios across America.

Classes start at only 10 dollars.  What a deal.

But wait! Don’t forget your mats, your yoga clothes, and your yoga accessories such as yoga socks, hoodies, and headbands. Mats only rage from 8-125 dollars…

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