Here’s last Friday’s Flash!Friday prompt:


Here’s my story, titled “Theology:”

“Is it in there?”

“I don’t know.”

They giggled as children should.

“I wanna see.”

His hand a loose fist, he slid his thumb to the side and peered into the dark. “Darn it!”

“Try to catch it again!”

Suckling their newborn brother at her breast, Aife chuckled here where for countless generations women brought children into the world. Here in this womb in the land of mist where until the invasion people did not ask questions in black and white for words like “yes” and “no” did not exist.

She’d call the baby Lugh, she decided, because the light of the sun spilled through spaces between the stones the moment he passed through and set his tuft of red hair aflame.

The very same light Lugh’s brother and sister, still giggling, still tried to catch.

“Keep your hand right there Stella,” she said. “There. See? You can hold the sun beams with an open hand, not in a closed fist.”

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