The Therapy of Gardening

In honor of my summer garden, reblogging an old post

The Story of the Four

In response to my earlier post, “Celebrating Spring with Rumi (and Pictures),” I received today the most likes and new followers for my young blog in any one day. So first, thank you all for your support. For those familiar with my blog, you may have seen two previous posts featuring photos from my garden.

Needless to say I love to garden and anyone who has experience gardening is probably familiar with its therapeutic qualities. The ancient Greeks knew this as well as is demonstrated in language. The Greek root for the English “therapy” is therapeuein which not only meant “to cure/heal,” it contained the meanings of “in service to the gods” and “to till the soil.”

As such, a post “about” gardening will find itself also in the realm of the mythic, the realm of divine.

To take first the meanings of “therapy’s” root: Therapists of course work in the healing…

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