Re-Visioning Eve

The Story of the Four


They are of inferior substance, of secondary importance to God.

They have no souls. They are the gateway for the devil. How does the devil enter the world through a woman? Her sexuality of course.

And if they get out of line, it’s okay–you can beat them…

After all, you are not really beating her, you are beating back the devil.

Such are just a few of the “truths”  influential theologians have posited over the course of the centuries regarding women.

Why? Where do they get this stuff from?

The story of Adam and Eve.

The consequences of such interpretations as passed down over the centuries need not be expounded upon here, for they are quite obvious.

But where do they come from? Patriarchy for one. And literal readings of the story.

The story of Adam and Eve is just that: a story. In other words, a myth.  As “works” of the…

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