Once my “add media” will allow me to upload a pic (not working now) here is the prompt for this week’s Flash! Friday writing contest (and the story had to include an alien): A picture of the three astronauts from Gemini V, having just landed, are in the water, entering their life boat.


As I have come to think of it now, I see it as a metaphor. The whole dang thing—a metaphor. The falling, the searing heat when we crossed the atmosphere. And the shaking, it’s like everything you think you are is dislodged and rearranged. Then there is the whiplash when the parachute opens and you’re yanked back. All of it, the whole darn process is ambivalent to you, who you are, and where you’ve been.

A metaphor for what? you might ask.

For life of course.

We think we know where we’re going. We’ve got it all planned out. But one little miscalculation and we’re dead.

I’m an alien to this world. All of us, aliens. We don’t belong.

Heidegger was right: we’re thrown into this life with all its frustrations, all its sufferings and demands. Yes, thrown into a life we don’t ask for.

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