At the Bottom of the World

The Story of the Four

muir 2

…and I swear by the gods if I hear “look at the size of thatone” one more time, I will…I mean I get it already. The trees are big, the ferns, yes you could probably sleep under them. But I don’t need to fecking hear about it every fecking time.

Erosoi looked at Sgilti asleep there next to the small fire and shook his head. He regarded the treetops out of habit, though he knew by now, so deep in this dark and cavernous forest, the towering tree tops prohibited anyone from gaining any semblance of time even in those rare places where the sky managed to peek through. He looked up in vain and, squinting in what little light the fire provided, returned to his book to catch up for he’d written nothing since he left Mordeen nearly two weeks ago.

Four days we’ve been walking in this…

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