Fantasy Flash Forum Newsletter #1


This past Friday I put out an announcement that I will be hosting a fantasy-oriented flash fiction forum where writers can connect with one another in a local venue and that on the Tuesday following Sunday’s submission deadline I would be sending out a post introducing the authors and linking to their blogs where their responses are posted.

I figured things would be a bit slow going at first and I received 1 wonderful story. As such, I will be extending the first weekend’s prompt until next Sunday, meaning, if you’d like to contribute to the forum and have your work highlighted (this is not a contest) please join (link to the rules/guidelines here).


So without further ado, I’d like to introduce Jessica West, the sole contributor to Fantasy Flash Forum #1:

jessica212smallerJess is an intermediate writer, just whistling her own version of Dixie. Author of Red River Rangers; a Whiskey and Wheelguns Novelette, she writes primarily Fantasy and Horror, but Romance and Erotica are her guilty pleasures.

Write This Way is Jess’ personal blog, wherein she posts flash fiction, news about her books and new releases, and other random, fun-type stuff.

Her story features a teenaged Olivia who, despite her mother’s objections, frequents a cemetery and the mysterious River Derwent. Olivia heeds not her mother, for she has Aides to protect her. But Aides is more than he appears as is the river…(Read original story)



4 thoughts on “Fantasy Flash Forum Newsletter #1

    1. Justina,

      That is wonderful to hear. Thanks for stopping by thanks for calling my blog “wonderful” 🙂 I hope you do take up the offer and find it worthy to be a continuous contributor.

      Have a wonderful day,



  1. Reblogged this on The Story of the Four and commented:

    Having extended last Friday’s first call for Fantasy Flash Forum a week, here is last week’s newsletter. Click on the think to read the rules/guidelines if you wish to participate. Again, this forum is designed for writers of flash to share their work to one another and to other readers.


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