By the River Styx

Jessica West’s response to my first call for flash fiction


Olivia had spent many days wandering amongst rows of headstones in Cornelian Bay Cemetery, and beyond until the path ended at the River Derwent. Her mother had warned her of the river, once known as the River Styx, but Olivia figured mum had been put off more by thoughts of grave robbers, men with evil appetites and explicit intentions. God knows awful things have been known to happen, even in and around such a sacred place.
Little did her mother know, Olivia had nothing to fear. She had Aides to protect her. He was the hottest guy she’d ever seen, big and powerful and cunning. That he wanted her gave her no small amount of satisfaction.
That wretched girl at school, the perfect blonde with big boobs, had always made fun of her- said no guy would ever want her. Chloe and Olivia used to be best friends, until both…

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