Not another Flash Fiction Friday?

Yes, yes it is and I write this post to announce that I will be hosting Flash Fiction forums on my blog

Of course there are many such blogs out there well worth the while of checking out and submitting your stories to. So why submit a story on my blog?


Well, for starters, I will not be holding contests and deciding on a winner. Such is not the point of my forum. I simply wish to create a space by which writers of flash fiction can share their stories and connect with other writers of flash fiction. That being said, you post your flash on your blog and keep it there and as will be explained further below, my forum will serve as a “home base” of sorts for respondents to find one another’s work.

If you choose to submit your flash to this forum, here is how the general process works (see further instructions below):

I will give a prompt on Fridays and you have until Sunday 11:59 pm Central Standard Time to write and submit your story. Once you finish your story, post it on your blog, paste it into the body of an e-mail and send it to me. When all is said and done, I will compose a post which restates the prompt and will include the following: Your name and blog, a brief bio and description of your blog; a synopsis of and link to your story/blog. (Note: A maximum of 20 stories will be posted as such and the first 20, assuming they follow the rules as described below, will be given preference.)

Subject matter: The primary focus of my Flash Fiction Friday will be on the fantastic, speculative, surreal, and/or subject matter of a spiritual/religious nature and while not 100% of the time, prompts will usually be suggestive of such.

Rules and Guidelines

Follow the prompt.

1000 word limit.

No excessive profanity or sex. No homophobic or xenophobic rants. Though not to impinge on your freedom of speech, use your own discretion in such matters: if such language is part of your story/message, then I will consider mentioning it, but if it is excessive for the sake of being excessive, or is simply used to express harm or hatred or bias against any person or group of persons, I will not.

When you post your story, insert a link to this blog in order to bring as many people writing flash together. After all the stories are in and before I compose my post, I will check your blog for the link.

On the subject matter: If more than 20 stories are received, I will give precedence to those that are in the realm of the subject matter as defined above.

How to Submit

1) Write your story following the rules and guidelines.

2) Post your story to your blog and add a link to this blog and mention the Flash Fiction Forum page ( Add a comment to the bottom of each week’s post to alert me to a story coming.

3) Email me your story. Place your story in the body of your e-mail (attachments won’t be opened). Include in your e-email the following: your name, title of your work, your story, your blog’s name and address, a brief bio written in the 3rd person (2 or 3 sentences) and a brief (2 or 3 sentences) description of your blog. The bio and blog description you provide will be added to the post if your story is included.


BE SURE TO: Write “FLASH FICTION FRIDAY” in the subject line (please do so in all caps). I get a lot of emails and I don’t want to overlook yours.

There it is, my version of Flash Fiction FridayReady to get writing? 

Well here’s the first prompt:

Take any mythological figure (this could include mythical beasts such as the Minotaur) from any culture, be it Greek, Hindu, Norse, whatever. Now take your chosen figure an place him, her, or it anywhere in our modern world, the year 2014. There’s your prompt, there’s your story…Feel free to re-blog so those who follow you can join the fun!


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