This is Norway’s Most Inaccessible Cabin

Those are absolutely phenomenal. Makes me want to go to Norway even more.


Tåkeheimen Cabin Norway

Tåkeheimen next to the Svartisen glacier was voted the most inaccessible cabin with 30.53 percent of the votes. (Photo Torbjørn Bjelland / DNT)

Tåkeheimen is voted Norway’s most inaccessible cabin. The Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT) has on its website made ​​an informal poll among its readers on the occasion of the official opening of cabin number 500: Rabothytta in Hemnes municipality in Nordland.

Tåkeheimen is located next to the Svartisen glacier 1073 meters (3520 ft) above sea level. It is the highest situated cabin DNT has in Northern Norway with sparkling views of the fjords at Glomfjord and the islands beyond.

The following cabins were voted in the next places:


2. Demmevasshytta

Demmevasshytta Cabin NorwayThe cabin is located on the lower side of the Hardangerjøkulen glacier and many say that the outhouse at Demmevasshytta has Norway’s best views. To get to the cabin you have to walk across the glacier, and…

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