Top 10 Literary Magazines to Send Your Best Flash (and Maybe Get Accepted Too)


Slide1  We want a lot from the journals we send our writing to. We want them to be good, but not so good that they’ll slam their doors on our faces. We want them to respond in a timely fashion. And we’d be over the moon if we got personal feedback…ahem…if our work doesn’t cut the mustard.

Perhaps you’ve heard the true story about the sign a frustrated Francis Ford Coppola hung on his trailer door while filming his much-obstructed masterpiece Apocalypse Now? ‘How do you want your movie? Fast, Good, or Cheap: Pick Two.’ We’d all rather pick three, I know. But two’s all we get.

No stranger to compromise, writers too must negotiate the fickle demands of the market, especially when dealing with literary magazines and journals. Which of them are, to borrow from Coppola’s petulant sign, responsive, reputable, and reasonably accepting? And we don’t want to pick…

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