Dreaming the Horned One

The Story of the Four

Erosoi Scene III


It all began with a fleet fox, Erosoi in hot pursuit, running through a grove of precarious rowan trees, their bark indistinguishable from the scattered stone. And though he could not see them, he heard squirrels chirruping. Silhouetted meadowlarks coasted over distant mountains ridged in blue. Always just outside his grasp, the fox led him toward a shapeless chasm and without a break in stride, Erosoi leapt and floated across the void, landing soft upon a flat embankment where light from clusters of white-flowered yarrow illuminated a cross-legged figure.

A hornedfigure.

Long-mustached and curly haired, he sat, with a spear and shield in hand, naked, penis rigid, two horned serpents at his flanks.

“Turn around,” he commanded. Erosoi obliged. The yawning chasm hardened into a cave. The Horned One set his spear against Erosoi’s back. “Walk.”

A wolf’s bloody howl, reverberating through the deep tunnel, blew Erosoi’s…

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