Alchemy of Demons

Going through and reblogging some of my earliest posts from my novel.

The Story of the Four

 © Zhang Wang ( © Zhang Wang (

The double doors, nine feet high, five wide, opened and closed by their own volition. A warrior gesturing him inside, Jen walked past a green dragon, coiled inside the doors’ left, and a tiger, crouched at its right. At the back of the central hall, a room extending in all directions, atop a vermillion chair, sat a man wearing a patchwork robe of green, red, yellow, white and dark blue, his eyes half-closed, hair unkempt, feet bare. He moved not when Jen approached, his scepter of golden light casting not a shadow on the wall. To his right sat a boy made of gold, a girl made of jade.

The man adjusted in his chair and opened his mouth and while not a word issued forth, the room shook, a crystal lamp hanging above him casting silver light trembled as does a lamp in a boat…

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