A Puzzle to Challenge

I used to use this little puzzle in my Introduction to World Religions and pose it now to whomever may read this post.

The object is to connect all nine dots by using no more than four lines.


Sounds pretty easy right?

Well, there are a few rules:

A) You may use no more than four lines

B) The lines must be straight (if you change direction, that counts as a new line)

C) No picking up your pen or pencil

D) No backtracking

Are you game?

“Well copy down the diagram below and  go for it,” I say (rubbing my hands together, chuckling to myself).

When you are done, please fill out the poll below and in the next couple days, I will return with the answer and a little discussion of the  puzzle.




Free free to reblog, share on whatever social media you may be a part of…The more the merrier.

After taking the poll, please leave a comment (way down below) regarding your answer: If you solved the puzzle, how long (or how many attempts) did it take you? If you did not solve the puzzle, how long (or how many attempts) before you gave up?

4 thoughts on “A Puzzle to Challenge

  1. It is important, in life, to “think outside the box” and be free to “color outside the lines.” Hard for many of us…I’m still working on both. Although, remembering the wisdom of the message, I was able to solve the puzzle in one try. Long term memory may have helped, too.


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