Like a Spiral…Expanding: Perspectives of Joshua Bertetta

Neptune and the Oak

I am pleased to present an interview with Joshua Bertetta. He holds a Ph.D. in Mythological Studies with a degree emphasis in depth psychology, is a popular and well respected teacher of Religious Studies and – synchronising perfectly with our current theme of Play as essential –  he is also an aspiring fantasy novelist. When I first came across his wordpress site, I was delighted with the story offerings and it’s value as an educational resource and I wanted to learn more about how he manages to balance family, work and his writing. But there is so much more: there is his process and his unabashed openness to sharing that process. I discovered a character eager to venture beyond the horizon, willing to struggle for each degree of gnosis wherever his muse may lead; a sometimes weary soul on the anvil. Each role he lives is an integral part of his Being and I am grateful for his candid sharing with us of a life he is co-creating and experiencing…

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