Mercy speaks about Love

Zaghali chuckled, his deep mint green eyes’ emerald-like sparkling setting Rahim at ease. “Are you a seeker?”

“A what?”

“A seeker. For what do you search?”

“Oh.” Rahim toyed with a pebble between his legs. “Someone I lost.”

“A young lady perhaps? Aah…yes…I see. A young lady indeed.” He leaned back, held his knees. “I have known some like you. What is her name?”


“A beautiful name for a beautiful girl, to be sure.”

“The most,” Rahim asserted with a gushing voice he thought the heat evaporated. “Make no mistake—the sun takes the greatest pleasure just dawning in her hair, searing it with curls of fire. Her eyes are of coral. Water and waves rise just to meet them. Her mouth is a melon full of mists and places hidden. Her lips carry upon them the most ancient beginnings. Her heart beams with long red fiery rays, the light so ardent like shade full of honey, and when she spreads her hands, seeds swell. She is the child of the union between flower and flight and even fires say her name.” His back arched and his shoulders slackened.

“Quite a girl you have there.”

Rahim returned to his pebble. “Yeah.”

“And you’ve lost your love?”

“Ours is a love that knows no territory!” he launched. “We are a single drop of moon in the grass, our shadows flow together. We hold the day with a fragrant rope. Our love is the enduring light, ours is a love that gives breath to flowers, makes clothing to last through the eternity of our single kiss. Ours is a love no death can end. There are no distances that may add space to the love we have conquered.” Rahim, noticing Zaghali’s mouth fall agape, brought himself to a halt and returned to the little grey stone. “So, um, what is the name of yours?”

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