Views of the City (Rahim Scene III)

The Story of the Four

Rahim Scene III

The eastern sky dipped diaphanous morning clouds in mango-flesh orange, reds of the exotic fruit’s ripened skin. The morning star, sister of azure, stayed long enough to listen to some early bird sing its river. Yawning deep and long, Rahim rose to blow a kiss across the morning’s rosy cheek.

The cobra sun rose from its basket and hissed in the reptile summer.

Poised, it glared at him with a furious and terrible eye, and prepared to spit at him its venom. What warmth and light and brightness and joy the day held yesterday it abandoned today. The torrid sun came striding in, storming in. Out in the open, he knew better than to run. The fury. The rage. Was the sun jealous? Sure, he held hands with the moon there along the River Firat as he walked north from Condus. But did the sun think he’d…

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