16 thoughts on “Help Me Get To 50 Followers Again??!!

    1. Linda, this request is for a young lady who accidently deleted her entire blog. She’s hoping to get to 50 followers again by the 22nd (her birthday)


      1. I’ve been meaning to ask you–what do you specialize in in terms of Cultural Anthropology? How long have you been at UCCS?


      2. I specialize in Linguistic and Cultural Anthropology which includes Cognitive/Psychological Anthro, Linguistics (esp Native American), Native American (esp. Southwest) Studies, Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective, History of Anth, and Ethnographic Methods and Theory. I’ve been teaching at UCCS for almost 22 years. Thanks for asking.


      3. That sounds incredibly interesting to me on many levels, for one of my interests when it comes to language is how meanings of words change over time in relation to social/historical change. For instance the word “religion” was not used to denote a system of belief until sometime around the 13th century. Secondly I have significant life experience in working with Native ways–so Native American Studies (part of my undergraduate degree) is something I hold close to my heart. 22 years! That is amazing. I am sad to say my time teaching where I have been since 2006 is probably over at the end of the summer and not sure what is going to happen from there….Thanks for your reply, sounds fascinating


      4. I appreciate similar interests, eg.g. in how language changes depending on cultural focus or salience. I think of religion as re-ligio: leading back (to Divine awareness), but any pathway. You are at Pacifica? I had a frend now a psychotherapist in Denver who got her PhD there.
        My work on life mapping uses archetypal psychology and manifests as a rites of passage structured application of Campbell’s notion of Follow Your Bliss. I’ve developed it over the past 13 years and am in the stage of editing the book and handbook for an agent I have thankfully acquired recently.
        Where are you looking next/ applying to? I might recommend Naropa in Boulder or there’s a college (frgetting the name) in Santa Fe that is very open to interdisciplinary focus (St Johns? I could look it up).
        Why leaving?


      5. I was at Pacifica–finished in 2007. And yes, I have seen that root for religion, along with “paying attention” (which was Jung’s preferred etymology of the term) and “to be bound to”. In looking at your blog, I was wondering if you had some background in archetypal material–congrats on finding at agent (I’m waiting to hear back from one myself–a “big” one, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed). I recently applied to a private high school in Austin. I have three children, one who is in high school and I don’t want to take him from his friends and what he has going in high school. He’s already had things a little rough with moving a lot and I don’t want to do that again. I looked into Naropa a few years back, but it availed to nothing and I did see something once in Santa Fe, though I can’t remember its name either.
        Reason being, I am an adjunct and they cut our classes down to 2 per semester. Thus meaning I make much lower than the national poverty level. So things at home are tight…It’s been a hard road as I have applied to various universities over the years, but most that I’ve seen want specific spots filled. With your background in archetypal psychology and knowledge of Pacifica, I am sure you have an understanding of my background–such is a tough sale when looking for Religious Studies jobs. I am damn good at what I do and my students love me, but that can only go so far.

        Several years back I was full time (two one year contracts) and was teaching across departments and schools. I have a wide breadth of what I can do. But when it came for my current school to open up a position, I was the square peg trying to fit into a round hole. So I didn’t get the tenure track job and went back down to adjuncting. That’s when my wife said, “why don’t you write something with the extra time you’ll have?” That was it–I began writing my novel and haven’t looked back.

        I’m the kind of guy who tries his best to follow where life seems to be pointing me. I don’t try to push things that don’t seem to be there. Right now, it seems like doors are closing in terms of academia and the timing what with my novel (though it hasn’t gone anywhere yet)…I don’t know, but perhaps that door will be opening just in time.

        I’m keeping my fingers crossed, but not holding my breath.


      6. I found my agent (Linda Langton, a top international literary agent) by attending the Southern California Writers conference last September. It is the 3rd such conf I attended over a 5 yr period while developing the book/handbook. I have been trained in archetypal psych from a contemporary approach based on an Avalon Institute paradigm of 12 primordial archetypes (I associate/apply these in a life mapping process with Life Themes as situational archetypes or Archemes. I’ve also read Jug and Hillman plus others in depth…
        Comparative religion/religious studies seem so marginalized and overdetermined in mainstream academe. Maybe you could expand your connections through Twitter.


      7. I should be more proactive with my linked in account, that is for sure and yes, I will go back to looking at the Chronicle–thanks for the advice. Hope you have a nice Easter.


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