Celebrating Spring with Rumi (and Pictures)


Again, the violet bows to the lily.

Again, the rose is tearing off her gown!


The green ones have come from the other world,

tipsy like the breeze up to some new foolishness.


Again, near the top of the mountain

the anemone’s sweet features appear.


The hyacinth speaks formally to the jasmine,

“Peace be with you.” “And peace to you, lad!

Come walk with me in this meadow.”


Again, there are Sufis everywhere!


The bud is shy, but the wind removes

her veil suddenly, “My friend!”


The Friend is here like water in the stream,

like a lotus on the water.


The narcissus winks at the wisteria,

“Whenever you say.”


And the clove says to the willow, “You are the one

I hope for.” The willow replies, “Consider

these chambers of mine yours. Welcome!”


The apple, “Orange, why the frown?”

“So that those who mean harm

will not see my beauty.”


The ringdove comes asking, “Where,

where is the Friend?”


With one note the nightingale

indicates the rose.


Again, the season of Spring has come

and a spring-source rises under everything,

a moon sliding from the shadows.


Many things must be left unsaid, because it’s late,

but whatever conversation we haven’t had

tonight, we’ll have tomorrow.



6 thoughts on “Celebrating Spring with Rumi (and Pictures)

    1. Wait a moment here. Is this Carol MacKenzie, the one I have known since I was a little kid as Mrs. MacKenzie, as in Bobby’s mom?


    1. Thanks for the kind comments and all the recent likes–I just went to your site for a quick browse and am looking forward to spending more time there.

      Peace to you Uncle Tree

      Liked by 1 person

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