Dualism—the western paradigm. Simplified, dualism divides life into opposites. The oppositions exist, then, in conflict. Moreover, dualism imposes arbitrary limits on our thinking. Taken together, we wonder why we experience the political, economic, and environmental crises we face today. My first foray into the world of fantasy, The Story of the Four, an epic trilogy, is precisely not dualistic. At the same time, it is not dualism’s supposed opposite, non-dualism, which contains within it the dangers of leaning toward moral relativism.

So what makes The Story of the Four different? Along with many others, I am of the opinion that we live in a world need of healing—not saving. The Story of the Four is holistic: it makes connections between the things dualistic thinking has so arbitrarily divided.

Grounded in history and rooted in myth, The Story of the Four is a mobius strip bending and twisting and obliterating the so-called divide between fantasy and reality, fiction and non-fiction, myth and history.

Since beginning my blog in March 2014, I have watched it evolve into more than I had originally thought it would be as I have found in blogging (something I never thought I would do–so thanks to Carlos A for the suggestion) a means to write on subject that interest me.

So if you fantasy interests you, click on the pages above (Erosoi’s page, Darrath’s page, etc.). If mythology, culture, psychology, philosophy, religion and spirituality are your thing, click on Mythic Musings.

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